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Ronkat Spearman's Katdelic


My favorite Bay Area Funk band is the Kat Delics!  They are led by Ronald “Ronkat” Spearman, who is a guitar virtuoso and brilliant funk songwriter.  He was in George Clinton’s band for about ten years and is a card carrying P-Funk Player, but he’s focused on his own Outstanding Funk Outfit nowadays, and with the help of Gina Hall and a gang of Bay Area Maggots, we are all Dancing on the Mothership!




















In 2012 after a lot of near misses, Ronkat finally finished his first complete full length album D.O.T.M.S which means Dancing on the Mothership!  The whole album is brilliant, creative, colorful and killer!  The video for D.O.T.M.S. is wild, but so are all of their shows, so be sure to check Katdelic out if you can!


Here’s a link to buy the album!  It is also on itunes along with a number of other singles, so if you are looking for the Real Deal in Righteous brand new Funk, you have no excuses!










Top: Katdelic at the Boom Boom Room in SF;


Above: The video of Dancing On The Mothership!


Left: Ronkat's CD Dance on the Mothership - D.O.T.M.S.!


Below: Ronkat at KPFA @ my birthday jam 12.27.13!  With Genevieve, Ronkat and Leslie!


Bottom:  New Year's Eve with Katdelic at the Boom Boom Room with Sir Noze, CM Talley, Gina Hall and Zelda Norwood!

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