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NYC  Summer 2014


The summer of 2014 I took a trip to New York City and got busy promoting Party Music, and connecting with some important people!


On Tuesday July 29th,  I spoke at the Sisters Uptown bookstore in Harlem.  What a great event, and a great night in The City.  



































I got to visit with JOYCE JONES and HANK WILLIAMS at WBAI, some great folks!

On July 30th I did a talk at Revolution Books in Manhattan!   Lots of great connections made!






I(left) MARCIE CHIN,  my homegirl from the UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Doctoral program came to my talk!  

(below) Berkeley High School homies ERIC TALLER and trumpeter STEVE BERNSTEIN had a session just a few blocks away that nite!  


It was great catching up with my peeps!

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