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The Long Beach Funk Fest


The high point of my work as a presenter of The Funk is hosting the annual Long Beach Funk Fest!  Held for the past five years in downtown Long Beach, the event features funk bands on multiple stages, deejays at every turn, kid zone activities, live art projects, cool exhibits, great people, food and merchants and incredible FUNKY MUSIC ALL DAY LONG! 



Their slogan is “Sustaining Our Future Through Funk” and nothing can be more important to us all!!  The greatest feeling in the world for us funkateers is spending an entire day in a Funk Paradise, and that is what we reach at the Long Beach Funk Fest!  Everyone that has been there can say the same thing!  It is taking place again on Sept. 1st 2014!  Here is the link!   Check out these images from the Fest!




















































How Did This Happen?



In 2006 I was contacted by Bobby Easton, someone I didn’t know, who said he was hosting an all day free funk marathon concert in downtown Long Beach.  I could NOT believe what he was telling me.  He downplayed it, like this kind of thing happens every day, but it was everything he said it would be!  I helped him out with locating cool funk bands, particularly some that were willing to sign on for less than their usual fee – out of love for The Funk!  In return I’ve been allowed to host this magnificent Monster Funk Party every year!



I was also treated very well by the Fest organizers that first year.  I was given a flight, a hotel with a funky limo ride to and fro!   In later years the budget was spent more on the funk bands but every year the magic was just the same!  I am forever grateful to Bobby Easton for asking me to be a part of this great project, and I am truly in awe of his ability to navigate all the un-funky aspects of event coordination and still keep his pure spirit of Love For the One!!

Above left, Bobby Easton and RV; Above: Phil PTFI Jones, and RV at LBFF # 5; top: Late in the mix at LBFF #4


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