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"Party Music" Events: 



In the fall of 2013 I went on a bonanza of book talks in support of PARTY MUSIC, meeting with former Black Panthers and sharing the story of The Lumpen with all who were interested.  Here are a few highlights:



On October 17th I had the honor of participating in the 47th Annual Black Panther Party Reunion, along with two Lumpen members James Mott and Clark Bailey.  It was a truly rewarding experience to share my work with legendary activists that were there at the time.
















































I also went to the reunion of the Oakland Community School, the Panther Party's charter school in Oakland during the 1970s, which was run by the amazing Ericka Huggins.  Here she is now!  


















In February of 2014 KPFA went all in with Party Music (thanks to Bob Baldock) and sponsored a major event that brought the three Northern Californa Lumpen members together, along with a band, just in case they felt like singing some of their revolutionary songs.   As it turns out, former Panthers Elaine Brown and Tarika Lewis showed up at the event and made a strong event a beautiful one!  Elaine, the former Panther Party leader, praised these "soldiers" from back in the day, which was a moving moment for many in attendance, considering the long & winding paths all of these revolutionaries have taken;  and Tarika asked the brothers to sing some of their music, a request they would not refuse from the first sister to join the Party!




















































Here is a Febrary 2014 talk at the Museum of the African Diaspora, with Pat Thomas, author of Listen Whitey: The Sights and Sounds of Black Power 1965-1975, and moderator Davey D.



















The Party Music book also helped to bring more interest in my funk book.  I've been doing talks on both subjects over the past few months.


I did this talk at the Berkeley Public Library in December 2013, and then kicked it with my homies Odis Jones, Jessica Damian and Will Nichols!



Top left: speaking at the reunion.

Top right: James Mott and Clark Bailey.

Above: Me and Elbert "Big Man" Howard, former Panther and organizer of the 47th BPP Reunion.

Right: Proud to be on the flyer for this event!



Top Left: Speaking at the program.

Top Right: Elaine Brown and emcee Davey D.

Above Right: Clark Bailey, William Calhoun and James Mott doing some impromptu singing at the conclusion of the program.

Left: Signing books with my wife Tess.



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