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The History of Funk crews
















Here I am with Jessica Damian and Justin Richmond bringin' it!  Two former students of mine that made 2014 one of the craziest years for the show!  Jessica D is a former student at KPFA office staffer.  She grew up immersed in The Funk as a child in Sacramento, and knows her way around a Funk mix!  Journalist and former KALX jeejay Justin Richmond has already jumped deep into the mix, getting hookups with former Tower of Power lead singer Rick Stevens, Dr. Funkenstein himself George Clinton, and Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire.   





















PTFI - Phil The Funky Instrumentalist [below center] is the man responsible for secret ingredient in so much killer Bay Area Funk!  From Dr. Illenstine, to Zootzilla [left], to Kat Delic!  And when he's on the show, it is on and poppin'!!




















Sometimes we be clownin'



















Funkateers, clockwise from me:  Phil "Pilthy Feel" Lamoreaux, Calvin Lincoln, Zoot Zilla, homie I don't know, Odis Jones, Phil "PTFI" Jones.


For almost twenty years I worked with my co-host Ashem “Funkyman” Neru-Mesit, who is now an established Bay Area funk personality. His hilarious hip hop group RECORDED ATHA BRAIN blew up out of East Palo Alto, CA and ripped the roof off with lunatic Afrocentric stankadelic splank on their first album “Yo Ears Been Drafted Into the Soul Army.” In between a gang of other projects, Funkyman regularly cranked on KPFA, with his own program “The Big Thang” on Wednesday nights overnight. We have worked together on some of the most ridiculous funk radio the Bay Area has ever heard, and he will always be The Funky Man at KPFA.  Here's a shot of  Funkyman and RV.























I have also done a number of excellent shows with Gary “The G-Spot” Baca, who  now is one of the regular hosts of La Onda Bahita (Fridays 8-10pm) and we collaborate on some cool double-funk shows!  Ryan "Grizzly" Scott has been a hilarious guest host in the past.  Also Donte Harrison has been coming through, although he now has his own internet radio show that kicks.  Check out Donte's Big Payback on 9th Floor Radio! 


Want more info?  Here's an archival link to the O.G. site of the radio show on the first incarnation of!


Some of the Funky irregulars: Pam MacDonald, Spliff Skankin' - my steady #1 backup - and Odis Jones!  All of 'em got them funky chops!

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