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The Incredible Cover Art!

My man Chris Herod whipped together this incredible look in 2015!  I reached out to him and simply said I was making a funky music CD and Bam he just went for it! It inspired me to make a Bomb Azz CD worthy of this look!


Yes that is a Bop Gun, the Headhunters medallion, and a Sun Ra inspired background!   


 Chris is a dazzling artist that loves doing this work for the funk of it, you can check out his work at:




So many people played a role in making this RV CD come to life!  


Many many thanks to Phillip “PTFI” Jones.  His Thump is the kickstarter for all this Funky Business!; my wife Tess, and sons Marcus and Gary, who put up with their dad's nonsense throughout all of this;  Dr. Bernie and Judie Worrell for their endless generosity;  William “Bootsy” Collins, Patti Collins, Gary “Mudd Bone” Cooper, ya'll made me feel like I could do this!  Thanks to Chris Herod for his brilliant artwork; and Renoir "Ren the Vinyl Archeologist" Salgado for his help with graphic design; Thanks to George Clinton, Carlon Thompson-Clinton, Candi Cheatham, Frankie "Kash" Waddy, Gina Hall, Rob “G Koop” Mandel, Bobby Easton, Thierry van Mourik ("Tiny Funk"), Odis Jones, Phillip Colley Sr, Brian Matheson, Marlon “Dr. Illenstine” Kemp,  and Anthony “Dave-Id K-os” Bryant.  Thanks to the many musical contributors: Will Magid, Zebuel Early, Paul Oliphant, Enrique Padilla, Kevin Wong, Uriah Duffy, Alex Attard, Patrick Simms, Juan Carlos, Adam Lipsky, Ronkat Spearman and the legendary Fred Wesley! 


Thanks to the vocalists Kimiko Joy, Skyler Jett, Sam "Zoot Zilla" Brown, Ziek McCarter, Dawn Silva, Chiedza "Lady Chee" Kundidzora, Vreni Michelini "Chhoti Maa" Castillo, Gabriela Marguerite Welch, Tamika Nicole, Rico Pabon and Paris for their great vocal contributions;  


Industry support from Peter Afterman, Harry Weinger, Michael Axon, Kentyah Fraser, Field at Blackball Universe, Piper Payne at Coast Mastering, Dr. Cornel West, Walter "Junie" Morrison, Mike Dailey, Justin Richmond, Al Eaton, Ryan “Grizzly” Scott, Gary “G Spot” Baca, Deverol "Syntax Era" Ross, Davey D, Jessica Damian, Pam MacDonald,  Lisa Aurora Bautista, Kimberly Martin, Tiara Reed, Tessa Shimezu, Julia Graham, Kevin Foster, Patrick "Sledhicket" Norwood, Patrick, Julia & P.J. Gough, PC Munoz, and Lyz Luke!  Y'all were essential to this work!


This disc is dedicated to the memory of Cynthia Robinson of Sly & the Family Stone. "All The Squares, Go Home!"  

and the uplifting memory of Maurice White  

and the Epic memory of Prince  

and the steady & strong memory of Marshall Jones of the Ohio Players  

and the Forever memory of Dr. Bernie Worrell.

Rachel Znerold's amazing underwater art!

My homie Rachel made this delicious design she calls "refraction" that I couldn't resist putting in the CD booklet.  She is a brilliant artist, check her work at



The Tracks

All songs written by Phillip "PTFI" Jones and Rickey Vincent, unless otherwise noted.

All songs produced by PTFI and Rickey Vincent, unless otherwise noted.

All music by PTFI unless otherwise noted.

All guest performances recorded at Eula Music Studios unless otherwise noted.

*recorded remotely

**recorded with Rickey Vincent (all kinds of ways!)

All songs pubished by Eula Music and Dribblous Mayhem Productions, unless otherwise noted:


Words by Rickey Vincent

Background Vocals by Kimiko Joy


2. RIDE ON IT (“The History of Funk” intro song)

Written, Produced and Recorded by Al Eaton and One Little Indian Productions.

Published by One Little Indian Music, ASCAP

Vocals by Skyler Jett / Rap by Paris



Written by the Ohio Players: W.Beck, L. Bonner, M. Jones, R. Middlebrooks, M. Pierce, C. Satchell, J. Williams.

Published by Rick's Music, Inc.  BMI

Additional lyrics by Rickey Vincent.

Other voices: Sam "Zoot Zilla" Brown**

Background vocals by Marcus & Gary Vincent, "To Funk or Not"**



Words by Rickey Vincent



Voices by Rickey Vincent and Dr. Cornel West

Taken from Dr West speech at UC Berkeley, December 2011

And telephone interview, summer 2007.



Music by James Brown, written by James Brown, John Starks, Fred Wesley. 

Published by Dynatone Publishing,  BMI.   

Voices by Rickey Vincent and James Brown

Taken from telephone interview,  Aug. 1993



Lyrics by Rickey Vincent

Guest student: Kimberly Martin**



Voices & Sounds by Rickey Vincent

Guest students:  Andrea Pritchett’s 2014 8th Grade Willard Middle School Class.

Guitars by Patrick Simms

Shut Ups by Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos voices and percussion recorded at Guitar Center, Emeryville.


Produced by Will Magid

Written by Rod Temperton

Published by Rodsosngs, ASCAP.

Keyboards, Trumpet, drums and good vibes by Will Magid

Guitars by Zebuel Early

Congas & tambourine by Enrique Padilla

Organ by Kevin Wong*

Bass by Uriah Duffy*  

Saxophone solo by Alex Attard  

All lead and background vocals by Ziek McCarter

All recordings done by Will Magid at Happy Rabbit studios in San Francisco.



Voices by Rickey Vincent and Walter “Junie” Morrison

Other voices: Kimiko Joy and Sam "Zoot Zilla" Brown

Taken from telephone interview in 2005



Words and lyrics by Rickey Vincent and Dawn Silva

Vocals by Dawn Silva and Lady Chi **

Dawn Silva's vocals recorded at Levite Music House Studios, Sacramento.  Engineered by Joe Archie.



Written by PTFI, Rickey Vincent, Rico Pabon, Oscar "Paris" Jackson, and Vreni "Chhoti Maa" Michelini

Published by RicoPabon, GuerillaFunk, Eula Music and Dribblous Mayhem

Voices by Rickey Vincent and Lady Chi

Raps by: Rico Pabon*, Paris*, and Chhoti Maa**


13. R.V. @ SIXTEEN

Words by Rickey Vincent

Background vocals by Gabriela Marguerite Welch

Gabriela's vocals recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley.  Engineered by Alberto Hernandez.



Produced by PTFI

Music by PTFI

Words by Rickey Vincent and Bernie Worrell

Taken from telephone interview, February 2016.



Lyrics by Rickey Vincent

Music by PTFI except:

Drums by Paul Oliphant

Congas & tambourine by Enrique Padilla

Trombone solo by Fred Wesley*

Guitar solo by Ronkat Spearman*

Paul's drums recorded at Skyline Studios in Oakland. Engineered by Dan Stone.

Enrique's percussion recorded at Happy Rabbit studios in San Francisco, engineered by Will Magid.

Fred Wesley's solo recorded at Earthtones Recording Studio, Greensboro NC, engineered by Benji Johnson. 

The Players

Here are some of the guest performers on the RV CD!


Clockwise from Top Left: 

RV and Fred Wesley; James Brown and RV; Dawn Silva and RV; RV and Bootsy; Lady Chi and RV; Bernie Worrell and RV; RV and Ronkat Spearman; RV and Kimiko Joy: RV with Zeb Early, Paul Oliphant and Enrique Padilla; Chhoti Maa and RV; RV and Paris; Gabriela and RV; Will Magid, Zeke McCarter and RV; Cornel West and RV

Center polyhedron:  RV and PTFI

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